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Dec. 9th, 2015 11:53 pm
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This has been a horrible year for Mum work-wise - the publishing industry is all in turmoil and cutting back. I find it deeply depressing that someone can work hard for nearly fifty years, be damn good at what they do and still not have job/financial/retirement security (granted Dad screwed up the finances in the divorce but that was twenty-five years ago now.) And I can deal with a lot of aspects of being chronically ill and figure that overall I'm pretty fortunate - but knowing that it means I'm unlikely to ever have a house or financial security scares the shit out of me. And what the fuck can I do about it?

It was stinking hot today, my sinuses are giving me hell and I'm blowing my nose much I look like I've been weeping.

Not a great day. And my GR just took over a dozen new greyhounds, they are crammed full and there are so many more they can't take. Trainers are shedding dogs after the live-baiting scandals - but they love their dogs, right? I desperately want another one but we can't even afford to foster a third right now. *sigh*

Here's a happy thing. I know the person who adopted this adorable boy after he'd been waiting for months, shipped around to different RSPCAs trying to find him a home. He has a lovely home now with a greyhound sister.

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