Dec. 3rd, 2015

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It's been far too may months since I've posted here - I'm living up to my journal title! I've been on tumblr but it's not the same. So many times I've meant to post ... it's been an erratic year. But there have been good things such as starting to volunteer at my local greyhound rescue, periods of decent brain function when I could work on my writing, catching up on movies I've meant to watch, losing weight, seeing my friends, SinpOz, a joint birthday party for me and Mum (100 years of living!)

And while I'm still getting over a sinus infection, the antibiotics are starting to kick in, the two-day migraine has gone, the temperature dropped from high thirties to low twenties, we had pizza and cake for dinner and I have fabulous purple suede boots, honeybush tea, Fast and Furious 7 (I will weep hysterically all over again and Mum will laugh at me), and Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell on DVD plus various gift cards from family. And amongst several lovely presents from our party, my best friend gave us vouchers for a whale watching tour on Sydney Harbour. Mum squealed/shrieked. Not sure how to describe the noise.

Like I said, it's been an erratic and, at times, stressful year but there are lots of good things. I think I will try to post a happy thing every day of December (likely most of these will be multifandom vids that have made me smile this year even when I have no idea what half the fandoms are.)


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