Dec. 5th, 2015

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Er, I don't know if any of the cards will arrive in time but if you would like a holiday/Christmas card, let me know your address! Comments screened. I'm usually a lot more prepared for Christmas but I spent November either preparing for or recovering from our birthday party (which makes it sound huge ... about a dozen people actually.)
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Had friends over today - we've been doing catch-ups more often this year which is great. Pip is often frantically busy but comes when she can and the four of us sit and talk and drink tea and sometimes I bake things or we just have fruit and we might watch movies or talk and talk for hours.

So today we had tea and strawberries and birthday cake and Rena gave me this beautiful tea cup for my birthday and Kitt brought me a book on the history of female sailors which looks fascinating. And we finally gave her her wedding present. Kept forgetting, whoops.

Oh and an achievement which must be recorded - Miss Shadow got up on the sofa of her own volition. Yes, the hounds are allowed on the sofas now (it's Mum's fault.) Mr Nosey is right up there with his head on a cushion at every opportunity but Miss Shadow tried a few times, was deeply dubious and gave up. She loves the futon in my study but I think the sofa is too squishy and slippery and she finds the footing too uncertain.

But today, I managed to get her up beside me twice. As soon as I stood up though, she was off as well. But later Mum and I looked in and not only was Mr Nosey sprawled over one sofa (of course) but Miss Shadow was on the other. Still looking dubious about it though.

I never thought I'd be encouraging a dog to get on the sofa. And since when does a greyhound need active encouragement to take over the sofa anyway?

(Kitt called us dog nerds today. Well yes, but her husband just got a tattoo of a cat so they can't talk.)


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