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Saw the doctor today and we're going to try a couple of new things (not more medications! He said that I should stay on what I'm already taking but since it's already enough to sink a ship ...), changing the herbal mixture I take and starting a course of acupuncture treatments. I had a short session today and when Mum gets back from the US, I'll start having a forty-minute treatment once a week for six weeks or so.

Today was twenty minutes of lying on my back with needles stuck in my forehead, neck, shoulders, elbows, stomach, knees and ankles. The needle to the stomach was a little worrying. I'm ticklish there and it was very hard not to flinch! Mostly it was kind of boring, my right shoulder hurt (tension release, probably) and I wanted to stretch out, move around a bit (I don't sleep on my back so the position felt weird) but, y'know, needles. Not moving seemed the better option.

And then I had a headache and tomorrow I will rest.

On the way home, we saw a big, gorgeous German Shepherd sticking its head out a van window, obviously enjoying itself thoroughly - and dribbling down the side of the nice clean van.

I read the Miss Marple novel, A Caribbean Mystery today and very much enjoyed the story but omg, the cover! Giant, disembodied eyeball in the sky, staring down at a dead woman! Granted, having now read the book, I understand where those elements came from (at least the artist read the book?) but ... ick. Somehow, I do not think Miss Marple would have approved.

The Fontana editions that I bought at the sale have quite astonishingly relevant covers (insert rant about inaccurate cover art here) but some of them take it a bit ... well, there was the mostly-rotted blackbird for A Pocket Full of Rye, and the peeled banana merging into a gun for The Listerdale Mystery but I think the giant disembodied eyeball wins for the moment.

Just what it wins, I really don't know.
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1) I have done almost nothing today but I think I'll feel better for it.

2) I have about a dozen decent photos from the zoo (mostly big cats!) which I will figure out how to post, probably tomorrow ...

3) I read several of my new Agatha Christie novels today. The first two were great but in the third, a young woman tells her fiancee she's breaking up with him, she's in love someone else. He strangles and nearly kills her (but he's interrupted and 'comes back to himself.) Later on, she tells him that the incident made her realise that she really is in love with him and he's the right husband for her. Happily ever after!

I suspect my expression is composed entirely of 'WTF?!' at this point.


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