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I now know two things about Conway, Arkansas.

1) It is Kris Allen's hometown.
2) The town's initial efforts to build a public water supply in the early 1900s were decidedly hampered by the use of wooden pipes.

The latter fact brought to you by Flushed: How the Plumber Saved Civilization by W. Hodding Carter.

... I feel that in justice to Conway, I should learn at least one more thing about it.

Fandom collisions can be weird. Fandom and RL can be bizarre.

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Happy Birthday to me!

Wow, where did that come from? I keep being surprised by my birthday which is kind of odd since it's four days after my brother's and two day after my nephew's. *shakes head* It has been a supremely lousy couple of weeks on a variety of fronts - weather, computer, finances, health, ridiculous and upsetting family drama but things are looking up (she says cautiously.)

The crazy hot weather has calmed down (we're now half-drowned but I'll take that over being scorched), we have the computer back, virus-free (knock on wood), money is still tight but things should ease up soon (please?), I am pretty sure I just had a cold and was not experiencing signs of a relapse (please, please, please) and sister-in-law has apparently decided that even if Mum is the mother-in-law from hell (which is a degree of WTF that leaves me blinking and wondering if the sky is green in her world) that doesn't mean she gets to make everyone miserable by being nasty about it. Mum is greatly relieved and not lying awake at night from the stress, I'm not upset from seeing her upset and there is potential for a multi-birthday gathering on the weekend.

So. Things are looking up. And tomorrow (today) I will make cake.

And something that's been making me smile amidst the stress:


Kris Allen, you are such a gorgeous, adorable dork. I cannot help but smile watching that.


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