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(I need a Panic icon. But I can't find one I like!)

While we were still up on the balcony, we could see the techs setting up for Panic. Also saw a tall guy with a shaved head and tattoos on his calves adjusting the microphone stands – hi Zack! Ian’s microphone reached midchest on Zack. *is amused*

We went down into the crowd, about a dozen rows back, somewhat to the right. I had a decent few of Dallon, partial view of the others. As the show went on, I was able to work my way forward until I was only a few metres from the stage centre, with an excellent view of Brendon, excellent view of Spencer when Brendon was bouncing around the stage, very good view of Ian and okay view of Dallon. No offence to Dallon but that accorded with my priorities quite nicely!

'Good evening, we're Panic! at the Disco ... )

I found Pip not too far away, she’d stayed further back, behind several short girls so she wouldn’t interrupt anyone’s view. We agreed that Panic’s music and performance were the best of the evening. I also said it was rather mean of Brendon to tease us about taking his pants off. Pip said, well, it was pretty unlikely that he’d do that on stage, right? I laughed and said, yeah, except he’s done it before, not that long ago! (Pip likes their music but she’s not a fangirl.) I practically bounced my way out of there (although I warned Pip that as soon as I sat down, I’d probably crash.) It was lovely and cool outside, just sprinkling a bit as we walked back to the train station.

All in all, it was a great evening. I went for Panic, anything more was just a bonus, and Panic are fantastic live performers. I’d love to see them again.

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Brendon and Ian took their shirts off!

Brendon said Ian's a good kisser!

Brendon groped himself, sang to Ian's crotch (or his guitar) and sang almost into Dallon's mouth!

Brendon informed us that one of his oldest friends, Spencer James Smith, likes to bang the shit out of everything he can!

Engagement has certainly not dimmed the stagegay.

They were very clearly enjoying themselves and they sounded fantastic. It was awesome.


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Have you heard Panic's new song Mercenary yet?

I love this band. They have lyrics like 'cuckolds and concubines, dancing in 4/4 time.'

Although after repeated listens to the song, I am now hearing 'collateral damage' as 'conjugal visits' in my head. *facepalm* This is possibly due to[personal profile] littlemousling and co's interesting interpretation of the lyrics. *g*

Pip and I have determined that we will arrive at the venue in time for This Providence, so we'll be around for Story of the Year, Face to Face, Yellowcard, Young Guns, All Time Low, D.R.U.G.S and then Panic!

In the meantime, I will rest tomorrow, no matter how good I might feel. Rest. Sunday will be a long evening and I don't want to crash too soon!

I know there was something else I was going to mention. Wtf was it?


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Bonus tracks from the deluxe Vices & Virtues! And more!

YouTube x 6 )

Listen right to the end ... *collapses with laughter* Brendon, you adorable dork.

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Quite a day. *g* I meant to write this up last night but the vicious post-exertion headache I’ve been getting lately set in. I keep thinking about things I want to post but by evening, I'm so fucking tired since I started trying to exercise again. But I took a break this week to rest so I hadn’t been out of the house all week and I wanted to get a few things and maybe get my hair trimmed.

Well, we arrived at the shops and passed Sanity Music to hear Whoa-oa-oa, Mona Lisa!!! Ducked in and saw the new Panic! album on sale! I thought it wasn’t out until Tuesday. However, I did not buy a copy as I have pre-ordered the deluxe version. Unfortunately, it is not available in Australia and the shipping from the US is $35 dollars. Sorry, not happening. However, Mum is visiting her friend in Washington later this year (as in, September) and said friend is quite happy for the album to be shipped to her, to be held until then.

Yes, this does strike me as being somewhat ridiculous and obsessive.

In the meantime, I’ve been listening to the stream on Facebook (the first time I’ve signed in for about two years) and omg, it’s so much fun! I think my favourite is The Calendar … or Memories … or Kill Tonight … or Hurricanes … or whatever song I happen to be listening to at the time. I liked Fever from the first listen. Pretty Odd threw me at first but with repeated listens I’ve come to really enjoy it. (I tried listening to Take A Vacation and it was … pleasant? But that was it. Not memorable.) Vices was fun from the first listen and the more I listen to it? The more awesome it gets. I want to smile when I listen to it. I like music that does that.

Right, back to the shopping. JB had the new album as well but I was buying MCR’s Three Cheers (on sale!), then heading for Dick Smith Electronics where I bought a heart rate monitor, having read this article about the importance of the anaerobic threshold for people with CFS. I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding a safe level of exercise. I keep getting the tired-but-wired reaction, sleeplessness and a bad reaction the next day. Wearing it last night and today, I’ve found that my heart rate hits my upper limit after showering and while moving quickly between tasks while cooking. This does not bode well for my exercise prospects.

Before going for a haircut, we headed to the bookstore. Our local Borders is closing. *pouts* It’s the first time I’ve had a nearby bookstore that stocked more than bestsellers and new releases. Books I saw online might actually be in stock! Browsing the shelves gave me a good chance of finding something I was really interested in! The website didn’t say when it was actually closing but we thought it was time to pay a farewell visit and that there would probably be some bargains.

Well, the place was under siege. So many people! And 75% off ALL THE BOOKS.

Whoops. Waving sale signs at me in a bookstore is a very bad idea. Fortunately or unfortunately, I had some money. So did Mum. And we came home with at least four bags of books between us. At least ¾ of those were mine. Um. I have nowhere to put them.

Um. Yes. Mostly they were random non-fiction finds. Mum said I find the most extraordinary things. (I believe she was looking at London: The Executioner’s City when she said it.)
We had a last treat at the instore café (our usual resting point at the shops *sadface*) then tried to make it to the registers without spotting anything else (hah.) When I reached the register I said to the woman that I might have gone a little mad. She laughed and said, why not? There were some good bargains. Even so, she did look a little surprised as I started emptying the second bag. And the third. *g* A worthy final purchase.

The nearest Borders now is half an hour away. The further the trip the more tiring the whole exercise is. It was so much fun having it so close. For the first time, I felt like I had a local bookstore.

*sigh* We hauled our treasures to the nearby supermarket and put them in a trolley. I decided against a haircut after the unforeseen expense of A Book Sale. (I really didn’t mean to buy books that day! I’d just had a Book Depository order! And library books!) but we still had some groceries to buy. Woolworths have stopped stocking quinoa apparently (wtf?) so we tried the gourmet greengrocer/delicatessen. The guys there had no idea what quinoa was, even when I spelled it for them. They didn’t seem to have any (grains and pastas of various kinds but not quinoa.) They did have pomegranate molasses which was awesome since the Persian grocery store has closed (dammit) and they had orange flower water which I’ve wanted to try. Plus some arancini to try for dinner (okay … I’d prefer them fresh in a restaurant, I think.) Coles turned out to have quinoa at a rather high price but a little goes a long way. Dinner tonight was excellent. I like cavolo nero much better than curly kale.

Well. It took a while to write about it but it wasn't that big a day. We were only out for less than three hours. But the filthy rotten headache suggested that that was too long and my efforts to rest were not sufficient. *eyes heart rate monitor* Let's see how we go.

I think this post is rather random but that's my brain right now. I really have to get over my perfectionism and just post.


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