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I am annoyed with my brother. I have tried to call him three times in the last three days, wound up leaving three messages, with a very simple request:

Our mother's birthday is on Monday and since I know weekdays are hectic for you, would you like to come over for an hour on Saturday or Sunday to say happy birthday? I'm baking a cake. If you'd like to, tell me which day would be best for you so I know when to make it.

Not a word. Tomorrow is Saturday and if he wants to come over tomorrow, there will be no cake because, barring any direction, I will be making it on Sunday. If he doesn't want cake, he can just say so. If the weekend doesn't work for him, he can just say so. But he needs to actually say something.

And now that I've bitched about this, it will probably turn out that there was some emergency and I'll feel mean and petty for bitching. But I am annoyed. Thirty-second phone call! Your mother's birthday! Why is this so hard?

I woke up feeling like I was getting a cold and my brain has been frozen all day. Writing was not fun. So possibly I'm a little tetchy right now.

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Writing was like pulling teeth today (a restless night did not help) but I eventually managed 1888 words. I got stuck on what happens next so I skipped back to an earlier scene I'd missed and then wrote a later linked scene.

I have a list of scenes that are quite clear in my head but they happen at wildly different places in the timeline. I think tomorrow, I'll tackle one or two of those and see where they lead.

I suck at making omelets. *pokes frying pan warily* Okay, I've had very little practice at making omelets but still. It did taste good even though it was messy. Good way to use up extra mint leaves.

The Asparagus with Double Lemon and Parmesan turned out very well but I think the American idea of grilling is not the same as the Australian version. Further investigation required.


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1834 words today! We've shifted to the main setting and new people are turning up including one of the major supporting characters.

Made a kind of cottage pie for dinner, with cauliflower mash instead of potato. It tasted good but my stomach seems to be objecting a bit.


Okay, I need this here for easy reference because I can't stop myself from awww-ing whenever I watch it. That little face! And if you haven't been reading the various awesome fox and were!fox stories over at [community profile] kradamadness , I suggest you wander on over. *nods*

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Mum got me up in time to watch the Melbourne Cup today. I didn't have a favourite (haven't been following) but it was a pretty good race to watch! Americain powered home.

After watching the race (with two cups of tea) I made another cup of tea, sat down at the computer and wrote 1883 words, met a new character (who may or may not survive later editing) and realised my main character is probably a good deal more damaged than I originally thought. 

There was another cup of tea in the middle of all that.

The weather has gone from hot and humid to warm and muggy to cold and damp. I do not object to this last change at all but it is kind of bizarre. Two days ago, we were thinking we'd have to set up the portable air conditioner. It's not quite cold enugh for a heater tonight but it's getting close. WTF? But I will take the cold weather over hot gladly.

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1592 words to start off with.

And I made a simple version of Mole Poblano with chicken for dinner. Mmm.

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The memorial service was ... nice? Can a memorial service be described that way? There were bagpipes. It was also Christian, conducted by their chaplain, which I found rather odd. What do they do for non-Christian members? (And Dad could only be described as Christian by a considerable stretching of definitions.) EDS completely ignored me the enitire time but stepbrother and stepsister talked to me perfectly pleasantly. I don't know.

I am very tired. When I got home, I went out again with Mum. Had to buy a present for cousin's new baby and didn't think I'd be up to going out today. I feel asleep around 8:30p.m. last night and woke up around 2p.m. today. Urgh. 

On a different note, I have signed up for Nanowrimo. I tried (or at least signed up) once years ago but that was at a time when I was wildly overestimating my capabilities. Yeah, nothing happened. (Except for possibly furthering my state of collapse.) This time however, I have a story idea that's sticking with me but I haven't written any of it yet. Characters sketches and a bit of outline but no actual story so I'll work with that. Also, I'd managed to build a nice, steady writing schedule a few months back. Things were going well ... until Dad died. Then it all went to crap. So maybe Nano can kick me back into gear.

I have sunburn on the back of my neck. WTF weather? It was 30C yesterday! IT'S NOT EVEN NOVEMBER YET!!!

(Sunscreen is almost automatic for me but I forgot the back of the neck. I won't forget again. It was ridiculously hot.)


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