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The outer arc was was muted but still quite visible and the inner one was incredibly bright and vibrant. And, ooh, I was trying to find a term for the extra bands of colour I could see in the primary arc and I think it was a supernumerary rainbow! So gorgeous!

This came after a relatively pleasing visit to the dentist for a check-up - the last visit was just to to deal with the bad tooth (okay, now I feel like I should be saying Bad Tooth, No Biscuit!) Everything else is clear, thank goodness, and I was even able to get a small discount on the bill by paying cash (I saw the notice last time but didn't have that much cash on hand.) I remain amused by getting a 'goody bag' after a check-up but hey, free toothpaste, toothbrush and floss? Very nice of them!

Before the dental appointment, we went to the shops, partly so I could get some cash. The ATM I usually use was out of order so we wandered up to other other one, checking out various stores along the way. Mum was looking at tops and I had vague thoughts of a long-sleeved white top. First store we went into, pretty long-sleeved white top. Not a store I'd normally go into, either! But they had some lovely things. And then there was the brief look around Tree of Life ... which turned into the purchase of a splendid red dress with a fitted bodice and a full, swishy skirt. At least 90% of Tree of Life clothing is not my style but the rest ... my wraps, my skirts, my summer dresses ...

I was not intending to buy clothes! Just because the usual ATM was out of order ... as to what I was intending to buy, well, mostly I eliminated gift possibilities but I did get a new kitchen gadget.

I was able to take a break from the lemon curd while I was feeling so horrid but when I started feeling better some wistful noises were made. So I've made a few batches in the last month or so. It used to be that I juiced the lemons and limes with a plastic manual juicer that we've had for ages but a) it takes a fair bit of work (I have minimal muscle tone) and b) it started to look rather tatty and I don't think it was ever quite getting clean. So a few months ago I bought a KitchenAid citrus juicer attachment and I've started using that. The whole business is still tedious but it's slightly less tiring so I'm happy. But hauling out the whole set-up when I just need a tablespoon of juice for a recipe seems like overkill. I was squeezing the juice through my fingers to strain the seeds but it was all a bit messy and imprecise. Enter new, small citrus juicer! A third the size of the old one, just enough for dinner recipes. And I made a double batch of lemon-lime curd last night so hopefully I won't have to pull out the fancy one for at least a week.
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Yesterday (before my last acupuncture appointment for a month!) we stopped at an outlet of the same rug store we bought the living room rug from. Having seen the big difference it made, I thought Mum might have been right about a rug being good in my bedroom. Plus, there was the pre-Christmas sale.

Well, we looked at the machine-made rugs - but once you've seen handmade ones, machine-made is really second best. So we looked at the handmade and they were gorgeous and there many colours and patterns and I picked out half-a-dozen or so to look at. Then the guy unrolled some silk rugs. They were gorgeous. And far more expensive, naturally. But hey, I picked out a few to look at, why not. Hah.

We'd just got home when the rug guy arrived to demonstrate(?) the rugs in my room. Several were nice, one was possible, several were no ... then came the silk rugs. Mum loved the third grade one. I though it was nice but it didn't 'speak' to me. The second grade was beautiful and the first grade one was amazing. Have you ever felt a silk rug? Oh my. They feel soooo nice.

(I said to Mum, 'This is all your fault!'
Mum: 'What did I do?!'
Me: 'You showed me the difference between machine rugs and handmade! Of course this happened!'
Mum: 'Well. Yes.')

I sat there dithering about the two and finally decided that the first grade one belonged on a wall not my bedroom floor. It was glorious but the second grade is better for my room and I don't feel guilty about walking on it. Plus, I really couldn't justify the price of the first to myself, even on sale.

The one I bought is a silk Kashmir rug, in a Tree of Life pattern with rose pink, aqua, browns, creams. It's so beautiful and it's heaven to walk on. (I woke up last night and actually reached my foot out of bed to touch the rug. I wanted to know if it really felt as good as I thought it did.*g*) I can easily see myself having this rug for decades. I can't find any pictures that are quite right but this shows a similar pattern. Wrong colors though. These are closer. And silk rugs do not photograph well (or easily, at any rate.) So many of them look faded in photos. But look at them in the light and the sheen is amazing. And the way the colours change from different angles is even more dramatic than with wool rugs.

And my minor freakout about whether I 'deserve' nice things )
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First double batch of lemon curd made and jarred. I am taking a break before washing up all the utensils and then making a second double batch.

Dee would like it if I could possibly make extra lemon curd for her to give as Christmas presents.

... no. Sorry, but no. I have my own Christmas cooking and baking to do which has to be carefully scheduled so I don't wind up an exhausted wreck on the day itself. (Some years I couldn't bake at all and I was still a wreck.) I am not adding more lemon curd to my list. I already make a special batch of florentines for Dee every year - fiddly, annoying things they are. Her husband loved them so I made them for him but he died a few years ago. However, Dee and the grandchildren love them too so I still make them.

But this quadruple batch of lemon curd will have to hold her until after Christmas!

On the plus side, I now have a pretty new apron to wear for all the cooking! I have been looking for a proper apron for years. You know, one that wouldn't leave half my chest and most of my skirts still vulnerable to splashes. This one covers my chest completely and the skirt is almost ankle-length and comes partway around my hips. Good coverage! And thanks to the drawstring neck, I can fit the waist ties around my waist, not somewhere around my hips.

And it's comfortable and it's pretty!
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Sometime between 8 and 9a.m. this morning, I was vaguely woken by the sounds of arrivals. I thought, 'Oh, it's Mum's new mattress,' rolled over and went back to sleep. (Yes, we did expect them that early.)

The cat has signalled his approval of this new item by spending the afternoon asleep on it.

About ten minutes after I woke up this afternoon, the rug guys arrived (with five minutes warning, so I had time to get dressed!) We inspected four different rugs for the living room. Naturally, we picked the most expensive one. *facepalm* It was one Mum had picked out almost as an afterthought but it works beautifully!

There was a rug Mum saw about two years in Katoomba that she rather fell in love with at the time but we looked at a similar rug today and while it was very pretty and it looked nice in the room, it didn't change the room. The one we went for? Changes the whole room. It looks bigger, lighter, it's starting to look like a living room not just a space holding furniture (it's a horribly awkward room to decorate. We have made many attempts.)

As I said, it was the most expensive one and more than twice what we were thinking of paying. It was almost half as much as we paid for our car. But Mum suggested last night that if we found a really good one, maybe we could go halves in it as it would be part of my inheritance anyway. So that's what we're doing. And while I might be having a mild heart attack about the price, Mum is thrilled with the rug and I really do like it. And it feels glorious underfoot.

It's an Indian Agra rug, made from New Zealand Romney wool. It's creamy beige with a black border and patterns (no central medallion) of darker beige, brown and red with bits of light blue-green. I'm having trouble finding anything similar online - most cream/black combinations have a black centre and cream border - but it's kind of like this, but much warmer, with red in the patterns.

The Boyo christened the new carpet by chewing up a champagne cork on it.

Having settled the rug question, we put up the Christmas tree tonight. The wreath went on the door days ago but we always wait until after my birthday for the rest. Putting up the tree meant rearranging some of the furniture, including where the new sound system would go so we waited until tonight to set that up.

It's good sound! I look forward to trying out some Panic.

Poor old Lady Muck is getting ever more frail and wobbly. Her ribs are showing now (though it's not due to any lack in appetite ...) We folded the woolen underlay from Mum's old bed and put it in the living room at the edge of the new rug so she lies on that rather than the rug itself. We also have mats on the kilim in Mum's office, originally to stop the dogs squabbling over the space in front of the heater, but now they also serve as cushioning for old bones and protection for the rug against the dal's less-than-perfect continence. Poor darling, she is really getting old ...


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Mum: *holding the new dustbuster* This is very effective but I think it's going to be tricky to clean.
Me: Did you read the instructions?
Mum: ... no?
Me: *reads the instructions, takes the dustbuster apart in three easy moves, cleans it, reassembles in three easy moves.*
Mum: Ah.

I have new shoes! Specifically, sandals for walking around. I have a very pretty pair of flat black sandals which still, after several years, give me blisters. I've finally given up on them (I hate shoe shopping, okay?) and found some nice, slightly higher-heeled black sandals (third row, Krsytal, but in black.) Not quite as pretty but incredibly comfortable. The brand is called Homy Ped (which ... does not sound attractive however you approach it) and I bought them in a pharmacy. Yes, really.

There were a few other styles that I liked but these were the ones the store had in my size (5 1/2! A brand that makes shoes in 5 and 5 1/2!) and a colour I liked. And they are comfortable! Not quite flat, unfortunately, but comfortable. Why is this so rare?

My head is still a little dodgy but overall, much improved. Good timing since we're off to the South Coast again tomorrow! Just for one night this time - we're going to pick up a lamp for Mum and a sculpture for me and we'll spend the night at a lovely B&B we discovered on the last night of our previous trip. And do a bit of Christmas shopping on the way!

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Mum's superannuation money has come in and she has plans. These plans are based on a) that the superannuation does not even come close to constituting a retirement fund so she will be working for the foreseeable future and b) that she is is tired of making do with things that she doesn't like and/or that don't work well.

Yesterday, while I slept, she went to the nearby homemaker centre and investigated and priced and considered, etc. Today we went there together, she showed me what she was thinking of - and we have a sound system on order (to replace the one with crappy sound), a fridge (to replace the hand-me-down that leaks) and a flat screen tv (to replace the huge bulky one that drives Mum distracted) arriving tomorrow and we came home with a new fan for my bedroom (to replace the rattly old one that only works on one speed) and a dustbuster (which will enable us to clean the dead flies out of the window tracks. We are very excited about that.)

We also went to the furniture store where we'd found our tv stand and side table and Mum put a hold on a chest of drawers for her bedroom (the chest arrives in a few weeks, so Mum will look at it and make a final decision.) Once this business was concluded, I told Mum to go away (to the amusement of the shop assistants) because I'd spotted a Christmas present for her (it's a silver camel with delightful ears!)

I felt very woozy when we were shopping and had to sit down and have something to eat. I think I needed another day of rest after the heat but Mum might have expired from thwarted anticipation by then. She's pretty happy right now. We also have a ceiling fan sitting in the living room waiting to be installed and I am so looking forward to that!

Possibly I have been inspired by all this because I've been on Etsy (TIMESUCK!) for hours contemplating prints for my bedroom and bathroom. I'd already decided on several things for the bedroom but I'm still thinking about the bathroom. Currently on the list are a print from Alice in Wonderland and one of a peacock on a unicycle.

I'm going to wait a couple of day before I decide.

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I have sunburn. For the first time in ages. We went out today and I was wearing a long, sleeveless dress with an long-sleeved, collared cotton overshirt. We weren't outside that much and when we were, it was mostly in shade. Yes, the sun was strong but that's why I dressed the way I did (and usually do.) But it seems that at some point, I let the overshirt slip from my shoulder a bit and this must have been while I was in the direct sunlight as I now have a large sore patch of red on the back of my shoulder. And my shoulders overall feel dry and sore.


So I guess it's time to start wearing sunscreen every time I go out, no matter how slight the sun exposure is supposed to be.

The other party of the day were far more agreeable however. Mum, Dee and I went to several places on a local 'artist's trail', a weekend of combined studio exhibits. There was some fairly ordinary stuff but some was quite wonderful, especially the third place we went to, the studio of a metal sculptor. There was the most amazing pelican, huge with wings outstretched, a fish caught in its beak. It was splendid and if I could have afforded it (and had room for it) I would have bought it right then and there.

It was $7000. Yeah. No. Ah well.

There was also a wonderful sulphur-crested cockatoo coming into land, amazing grass trees, a lyrebird with a delightful tail, a very creepy octopus and some thylacines that I would not want anywhere near my home for fear that they would come alive and shred the flesh from my bones. (Check out the teeth!) Sadly, there are no pics on the website of the current pelican but I did love this nautilus sculpture as well.

That was the most dramatic exhibit and the third we visited. I had no intention of buying anything at the shows though I did vaguely think I might find another picture for my bedroom.

Well, that's not what I found. At the first studio (which was set in a glorious garden, so many trees and cool greenness. Walking along the path to the house felt like being in a secret) one of the exhibitors was a potter who makes saggar fired pottery. It was so lovely and interesting. There was one vase with pinks and browns and white that made me think of an alien landscape. The smaller ornamental vase I ended up buying is a warm white with shades of blues and browns. It makes me think of a stormy sky over a rocky coastline.

At the fourth place we went to, we sat on a long, cool, shaded verandah - the sort Australian houses should have! - and had Devonshire tea. Mmm. Then we looked at some gorgeous and unusual jewellery, some paintings and some more pottery of quite a different kind. But I found another piece I love. A matte-finish bowl in shades of soft green, swirling around the bowl. If the vase is stormy skies and rocky coast, this bowl is a rockpool. Not a still one but one where the water is swirling and moving.

I love what I bought. Can you tell?

I saw a few minutes of Coraline tonight and I think I want to read the book. With fewer creepy doll visuals.

I made a double batch of lemon curd last night. The next double batch can wait until tomorrow night. I need to rest before Yum Cha with the girls tomorrow!

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Mum's home! The dogs went nuts with delight; when the cat came in, he gave her a very disgusted look but then she fed him and brushed him, so he likes her again.*g*

She actually arrived about two hours before I expected her (customs only took about twenty minutes, the strikes didn't affect things, traffic was good) so I was still in my dressing gown and hadn't finished in the garden. But she was delighted with how the garden's looking and very impressed with how clean and tidy the house is. So that was nice.

She was definitely running on adrenalin (more than 24 hours of travel) and promptly unpacked everything and holy shit, Christmas came early! She brought me so many presents.

I'd asked for a few things that we can't get here - butterscotch chips, extra-dark cocoa, some Pop-Tarts (childhood memories, we could get the double chocolate ones occasionally. You can still find them sometimes - for $11 a box. Hah.) and some Goody hair pins I wanted to try. Also some Skittles because I prefer the American flavours. Besides all that? Let's see ...

Four tops (black, grey-green, deep purple and mushroom pink), one bright pink cowl neck jumper, a lovely black cardigan with ruffled neckline, black leggings, a cute nightgown, purple leather gloves with flower detail at the wrist, a long apron ...

Three KitchenAid spatulas to go with my stand mixer, plus a whisk in a similar shade of red. A Strawberry Slicer (just for the silly), a 'soup sock' for making stock ...

An earthernware bird, a lovely porcelain box in a traditional red and blue floral pattern, with a dog on top (a Borzoi or greyhound, perhaps), a blown glass perfume bottle in blue and gold, a glass pendant, blues and pinks and sparkles, like a fantasy ocean. Also some other hair combs which seem to stay in my hair. Amazing!

Plus, there was the book and program for War Horse, all the playbills from the various plays they went to, some lovely prints (for both of us), a notebook with a running cat on the cover, a guidebook from Savannah ...

Also, my Deluxe Edition of Vices and Virtues which I had sent to Persia since the shipping cost to Australia was outrageous. I have been listening to it tonight! And more bandom brain: Mum bought a lovely lightweight black cowl neck poncho. It's really very nice (I tried it on and yeah, very nice) but I had to laugh because 'poncho' now equals 'Gerard being dorky' in my head.

Seriously, Mum bought plenty of things for herself, too, lots of lovely tops and the prints and shoes (she said Persia rather laughed at all the clothes but as Mum pointed out, here all that she'd bought would have been four times as much or more. She was going to take advantage!) but I admit my eyes were going wide as more and more came out of the suitcase. I have been spoiled, people!

Mum also bought a delightful fireman's outfit and some books for Nephew #1, and a sweet black and white plush rabbit for Nephew #2, plus little things for a couple of friends. She took a small suitcase with a few outfits with her, planning to buy another suitcase over there for the purchases - at one point she thought she'd have to go back to the store and get a larger size! But Persia is a ninja at packing suitcases so somehow it all fit.

Mum was running on fumes and kind of babbling, so we didn't talk much about the trip except for the flights back. She said she'd never seen so many kids on planes. And while half of them were well-behaved and their parents looked after them, the other half ... suffice to say, the couple in front of her on one flight, changed their baby's nappy on their tray tables. The poor person sitting next to them. Then the father vigorously bounced a fussy baby after his feed so, naturally, baby puked all over dad and the seats. Baby was also teething and screaming unhappily from the pressurisation. Parents seemed oblivious. Mum was glad to get off the plane.

Anyway, we wandered around the garden and Mum was happy she was home in time to see the crabapples bloom. We had dinner and she finally succumbed to sleep at 9p.m.

Having been reunited, I am off tomorrow afternoon for a girls' weekend up the coast. Back on Sunday evening!

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I have two new bras! Two! One of the bras is even pretty! And if I could have afforded it, I could have bought more. Amazing. Praise be to Panache and Fantasie for catering to we 8FF/30FFs.

So that was a satisfactory start to the day! And Mum found three beautifully fitting bras (for about half the price I paid for two bras and a pair of panties.) Then we went to Target since they had 1000-threadcount sheet sets on sale. Mum had bought a set and been very pleased with them, so she asked if I wanted a second set of sheets for my bed. Good idea. So I bought a nice dark chocolate brown set that will tone well with the duck egg blue bedcover.

I also bought a new whisk. No lemon curd for three weeks *crosses fingers* but I will have a candy pink silicone whisk with an easy-to-grip handle when the time comes once more.

Just to add excitement to the proceedings, on our way out I managed to kick myself in the ankle.

To clarify: I kicked my left ankle with my right foot. By accident! It rather hurt but I've done it before and it was fine, so I wasn't concerned. But a couple of minutes later, my ankle was still stinging so I looked at it and oops. A dramatically purple circle was starting to cover my ankle bone. And it hurt!

We were about to head to the supermarket to lay in provisions for my first week home alone but the way my ankle was looking, it seemed that heading home to a bag of ice was the better idea. However, I had a metal water bottle with me and it was quite cool so I rested that against the bruise and by the time we reached the turnoff for home, the swelling had stopped. It's still an impressive colour but no longer so alarming.

I was glad to make it to the supermarket as there was a delightful dog just being tied up outside when we arrived. She was part-Koolie and possibly part Husky or Belgian Shepherd, her owners told me. She was lovely! She was white and fluffy and looked like a small Samoyed from a distance but she had tan spots and speckles. So friendly and sweet, with soft fur and she just loved being patted.

The cat has apparently sprained one front paw or dislocated a toe or something. Came in limping and is not at all inclined to let us touch the paw. This is a new one.

Used up some of the egg whites left over from the curd (there are at least a dozen more in the freezer) in a Bica blanca, a white cake.  I added a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a dash of nutmeg to the cream but otherwise followed the recipe. Whole thing smells like a cinnamon-sugar donut but without the hot oil. Mmmm.

I object

Sep. 14th, 2011 11:53 pm
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There are supposed to be several 30C days coming up. It's only September, dammit! I imagine it was the unexpected heat today that's left me feeling so listless and achy. Just ... bleh. It really does get tedious, constantly having to examine every symptom, trying to divine possible cause and remedy.

R the Dodgy Builder (as Mum calls him. It's not quite fair of us. He's not that bad, it's just that our landlord is an amazing cheapskate with everything) came over today to help Mum put up a couple of heavy mirrors and pictures and to try to get the clothes dryer back on the wall. They're going to have another go at that. But the mirror in my bedroom is up! The shape and style does give me a slight 'mirror, mirror, on the wall' feeling, I'm finding. But it looks good.

I continue to devour the Agatha Christie novels (including more from the library) but I am varying slightly today with rereads of The Seventh Sinner and The Murders of Richard III by Elizabeth Peters. I adore the first and quite enjoy the second.

No Leura visit after all. Sadly, Flora's elderly aunt died today (suddenly but not unexpectedly) so tomorrow is not exactly the time for social calls. Doctor's visit on Friday (which I don't expect much from but I need to stock up at the dispensary), shopping on Sunday, Mum's off on Tuesday ... the more I do physically, the less I can do mentally. *sigh* Stupid illness.

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Hauled myself out of bed this morning so we could get to the farmer's market in time. Beautiful morning and it was crowded! I'd meant to call my friend Pip last night, see if she wanted to meet up there but I forgot. But guess who we saw at this first stall! She'd almost finished but she wasn't in a rush and we wandered around together and caught up.

Purchases: mostly vegetables )

And now the best part of the market - the dogs! 

Yes, I am a dog person )

Mum and I went to the shops after that as I was hoping the newsagent might have Kerrang. They do stock it but they were sold out. Bugger. 

Pretty handbag! )

And then we had ice cream, came home and I collapsed in a heap and later took a nap.


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My last comments on the royal wedding:

Kate's reception dress was gorgeous.

The official photo with all the flower girls and page boys is kind of hilarious.

That poor, tired, cranky-faced child is never going to live that down.

And, most importantly, A ROYAL WEDDING DALEK!!!

That is awesome!!!
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How to determine your Royal-Wedding-Guest Name:

1) "Lord" or "Lady"
2) the name of one of your grandparents
3) your first pet's name
4) (insert hyphen here)
5) any word from the name of any school you have attended
6) "of"
7) the street you grew up on

Lady Joan Jinda-Cherrybrook of Cranstons

*headtilt* Not too bad.

No, I am not watching the royal wedding. It wasn't until yesterday that I even knew when it was happening (and I was startled to realise it was so soon.) My sole interest is in the outfits, especially the wedding dress.

And it is gorgeous! And I love the bridesmaid's gown as well. The Middleton sisters are a lovely pair.

P.S. Is Prince William going bald already?

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I have trimmed my hair for the first time!

... that sounds like I've never had it cut before. I have. Plenty of times. But I'm really bad at remembering to make appointments and it seems utterly ridiculous to pay $60+ for a blunt trim of unlayered, ruler straight hair. And my hair grows so fast. I did find a place that did haircuts for $24 but I did mention that I was bad at remembering to go? Plus, they were so cursory about it, I figured I could probably do it myself.  And when I came across Feye's Hair Trimming Instructions, I thought, why not?

Asked Mum to buy some hair trimming scissors (about $20) when she went out on Thursday (to get a haircut *amused*) and after washing my hair on Friday, I gave them a try with the straight-across trim. I only cut about three inches and it seemed even but it is really difficult to determine that with hip-length hair! I needed two long free-standing mirrors, really. And since Mum was away for the night, I had to wait for her to take a look.

When she came home, I asked for thoughts and she thought it looked okay but that I needed to trim a bit more length (which I knew.) So today I cut another couple of inches. Mum said it looked more even on this attempt, the split ends are much improved and I am no longer sitting on my hair. Which didn't bother me but it always surprised me a bit!

Now let's see if I'm any better at remembering to trim my hair myself.

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Voted today, not that my vote makes a damn bit of difference in this electorate which is highly conservative (we're a little out of place here. It's a good idea not to bring up politics or religion unless you know the person really well.) As expected the Coalition is winning by a landslide and Labor is fucked. And no wonder. I think Keneally is a decent sort but NSW Labor has been an utter mess for so long and people are sick of it. I don't think the Coalition are likely to be any better (and I certainly wouldn't vote for them) but maybe this will give Labor the kick in the pants they need to sort themselves out. Here's hoping.


Before going to vote, we headed out to a lingerie store that specialises in bras for difficult-to-fit sizes. I'd been there once before, seeking a strapless bra for my bridesmaid gown and wound up with a 8F which made me cringe. I put on a little weight after that and was able to stick with my favourite Fayreform bras in 10E ... but they are now in need of replacing, I've lost some weight, and I am now tiny in the torso again. But large in the breasts. *sigh* There was a Fayreform sale and I was hoping ... but the 10E is now too large, even at it's tightest and the style doesn't go to an 8. I now have a Panache bra in 8FF(!!!) which cost over $100. Looking at prices online for the other couple of bras that fit (which I could not afford to get) this seems to be the price I can expect from now on.

The fitting specialist was very helpful, particularly since I hadn't worn a bra other than Fayreform for quite a while and she did try to find something in my size that was on sale but there was nothing that fit.

I do strongly recommend getting a proper fitting from someone who really knows what they're doing, particularly if you're an unusual size. I found chain stores and department stores well enough when I was a more standard size but now, I really needed the specialist fitting. As she said, I could wear the 10E style that I liked and it would provide some support but when I tried on the bra that I later bought, I recognised the huge difference in support between the two. You get used to what you're wearing and forget what the right fit feels like.

(At least when buying the bra, I knew I was achieving something.)


Now have massive post-exertion headache, despite taking care. Lack of sleep last night due to filthy headache. This one feels worse. I don't wanna try to sleep feeling like this. I don't want to stay up either. Feh.


Woolworths is stocking quinoa again, three colours. We have the black and the white so I bought the red, haven't tried that before. Also bought some baking supplies and if headache eases, I am considering baking tomorrow. What, I do not yet know.

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... lacy, colourful contents of the lingerie drawer*

It's been about two years. I have finally admitted defeat and am getting rid of all my pretty, colorful lingerie sets in sizes 10D and 10DD. The turquoise, the chocolate-brown and mint-green, the cream with blue dots and fawn and pink flowers, the black with hot-pink bows ... There is no way in hell I'm going to fit in those again. I'm a 10E now, if I'm lucky, and an 8F if I'm not.

*sigh* I currently have two lacy bras (of the same design) in 'latte' and black, and two smooth cup bras (of the same design) in 'latte' and dark purple. The latter was also available in a fabulous raspberry red but they were all out of my size.

I really did enjoy having the pretty lingerie. There is a shop that has pretty bras in my size - but they're all over a hundred dollars.

I miss the pretty but not that much.

The red with the pink and purple butterflies is still in the drawer. It's never going to fit. But it's so pretty.


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