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They've been doing roadworks up and down our street for the last two nights. Supposedly they'll be finished tonight, good luck to them. There's this giant truck with multi-coloured lights all along it which makes me think of a float in a Christmas parade. Mum got a closer look at it and said it reminded her of something from Mad Max. (I am a bad Australian. I still haven't seen that movie.)

Tonight they were rolling hot asphalt right in front of our house. The floodlights were blazing, making the trees lining the road look fake, rain was pattering down and hitting the hot asphalt, turning into steam clouds that billowed up. It was all so unreal, it looked like a movie set, this little circle of light and movement in the darkness.
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This evening I went to turn the oven on for dinner only to discover it was already on. Mum did not turn it on and I have zero recollection of doing so.

My first thought?

Maybe I turned it on WITH THE POWER OF MY MIND.

Or maybe this is just another example of me being absent-minded. Sadly, it's probably the latter.

(However this did lead to a little mental ramble on the term 'absent-minded'. If something/someone is absent from one location, it implies they are present somewhere else instead. So when my mind is absent, where does it go?!)


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