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In your own space, create a fanwork. A drabble, a ficlet, or an icon, art or meta or a rec list. A picspam. Something.

Okay, lately I've been trying to kickstart my writing by trying to write a little fic (original or fanfic) for every non-fiction book I read ...  the bandom boys do keep showing up.

I have some sailor!Bob/mapmaker!Mikey (iceberg dancing!) & naturalist!Gerard/explorer!Frank (hypothermia!) on the way. When I reread Evolution's Captain, I tried to see if I could write some captain!Bob/naturalist!Gerard for turlough ... didn't work but I did manage a little bit of Lieutenant!Bob/artist!Gerard.

423 words of historical fluff, not to be taken seriously. *g*

Not What He Signed On For )
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Ray/Greta/Mikey soon after the three of them get together. Mikey and Greta have been together for awhile. All in their mid- to late-twenties. Basic 'verse information here.

Ray/Greta/Mikey - questions )
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Takes place about six months after Pete and Patrick mate. Basic 'verse information here.

Bob & Patrick - plans change )

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This is a bit from Pete's POV not long after he's been rescued by Patrick and his pack from a research lab. Pete is, uh, not very with it here. Basic 'verse information here

Pete/Patrick - wake up )
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Random bit of Greta/Mikey fluff, trying to get a handle on their relationship and how Mikey's abilities work. They're in their early twenties. Basic 'verse information here.

Greta/Mikey - mutant, carnivorous daisy )
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A bit from today's writing. Frank is probably 16-18, Gerard 20-22. Basic 'verse information here.

Frank & Gerard - saving lives )
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Possibly I've lost my mind but I've signed up for pikasafire's Nanowrimo in the hopes of getting somewhere with my Bandom fusion (so far about eighteen Bandom people have shown up in speaking parts.) And since talking to myself about my writing only gets me so far, I'm going to babble here as well. I'll probably lock these posts or put them on a filter (if I figure out how to do that) so those who aren't keen on random shapeshifter & psychic ramblings can avoid them.

Some basics and why this is taking over my brain )

Questions? Please ask! Maybe it will help me figure things out.


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