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Day 06 - Your favorite writer

Didn't I just mention my stance on 'favourite' anythings? But in this case, I can narrow it down to a few writers who have written multiple books that I enjoy.

Nora Roberts - she amazes me. She's written more than a hundred books and I've read most of them. You might think that several decades of writing 'Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Eventually they live happily ever after,' would have led to burn-out, repetition, crappy writing, but no. Okay, read enough enough of her books (as I have) and you'll notice some similarities and a few plots that have been reworked over the years (and she's improved over the years but she still listens to her editor.) But La Nora still manages to make each book fresh. Fresh and fun and something to read and relax with. I admire her tremendously.

Georgette Heyer - the Regency Romance writer. She pretty much created the genre. Every book had distinct and lively characters (even if she did largely stick to two hero types.) She could write an absurd and hilarious plot and keep the story moving along so well that it's only when you finish the book that you go "... wait a minute." She wrote dozens of books, largely for financial reasons and she wrote them very well. Again, as with La Nora, you do see some of the same plot elements cropping up but Heyer also manged the trick of keeping them fresh.

Between them, Roberts and Heyer kept me sane during a year when my brain fog was so bad I couldn't read anything new or anything complicated. I read their books over and over and over again. And I still enjoy them. 

Terry Pratchett - I don't know how he does it but he takes ideas and objects that most people don't think twice about, turns them upside down and inside out and reinvents them for the Discworld. He writes scenes that are laugh-out-loud funny and then drops a ethical conundrum on the reader. His breadth of knowledge is extraordinary.

Barbara Kingsolver - okay, this is a bit odd because I haven't read that many of her books; some I've tried to read but they just didn't grab me. But her writing is beautiful. Mostly, I read books for the story not the writing. I consider good writing to be writing that doesn't distract from the plot. If that makes sense. But Kingsolver's writing makes me slow down and savour. I love The Poisonwood Bible and Prodigal Summer. Not cheerful books but powerful and haunting and beautiful. I also enjoyed her essay collection Small Wonders and local eating memoir Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

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