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Loki tries to invade the Discworld ...

Ankh-Morpork Avenged

... it does not go well.

And a fic in which the Daleks try to invade the Discworld ...

... it does not go well.

Mum laughed herself silly over that one but even the Avengers one made her laugh and she knows nothing about them, she's just a Discworld fan.


Oct. 3rd, 2012 11:42 pm
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Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular at the Sydney Opera House

A performance here? In Sydney?

Possible I need to catch up on the last couple of seasons of Who, because the chance to attend one of these performances and not just see the tv special ... I like this thought.
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I'd seen the stalking cat before but not with the Don't Blink accompaniment.

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I’m not overly fond of these episodes and I’ve been trying to figure out why. Partly because I don’t find the Slitheen all that interesting but I think a large part of it is that my suspension of disbelief is broken.

In ‘Rose’, we see the world from Rose’s POV and it looks like it’s our world and the Doctor is just something we don’t know about. Then we’re looking at the future and the past and it’s all fascinating – and then we’re back in London, in our time, and suddenly aliens are real, the PM’s murdered, Big Ben is smashed and the Doctor and Rose are in Downing Street. And this is not my world.

*sighs* Given my love of urban fantasy and paranormal fiction, I don’t know if that’s making sense … *waves hands* But I do find the sudden smash into reality a bit much. Then again the episodes do confront quite a few people with a new reality so maybe …

Anyway, there are things I like about these episodes so a few thoughts …


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-Okay, we’re not starting with the Doctor and Rose this episode … who do we have here?



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Scene-by-scene rambling and a few thoughts at the end ...


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*Chris and Billie are amazing. Their faces are so expressive. You don’t need their reactions to be spelled out by the dialogue, you just have to watch their faces. And their chemistry really is incredible. Whether they’re fighting, flirting (sort of), serious or laughing, they look so natural together.

*As for the action plot, uh, well, I said in a comment to another post,

‘If I think too hard about the plot here, I'll start hitting my head against the wall. That's probably the only way it'll make sense. (I mean, even with the sun filter half down, surely Rose would have suffered burns? Eye damage? And those cracks in the 'glass' - why wasn't the oxygen sucked out? Excuse me, need to go bang my head against the wall.)’ As for the Giant Fans of Death, I just … aghh.

*I found it interesting that in this, Rose’s first real adventure, that she has no chance to save herself or help the Doctor. Rose is trapped in that room, waiting for someone to save her and Jabe is the one who gets to help the Doctor (and get very dead in the process but that’s not the point.) I wonder why they wrote it that way? Maybe to show that Rose really is way out of her depth here?

*I would also like to know if The Face of Boe had a chat with Rose at any point …

I could go on and on but this is quite long enough already.

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dwrewatch on lj is starting a full rewatch of S1-5 and I thought it would be a good chance to watch the show in company of other fans and catch up with S4 and 5. (S4 took quite a while to arrive here and I was distracted by other shows in the mean time.) I've only seen bits and I wanted to do a rewatch of S1-3 before watching anyway. And i'm going to try to post thoughts on each episode as we go (something I've never been very good at doing but I'm going to try.)

'Rose' wasn't my quite my first episode of Doctor Who. I'd seen a couple of S2 episodes which definitely caught my attention (but I'll talk about those as they come up) and once S3 started I realised I wanted more of this show and more of Rose and I went out and bought the DVDs. And I started from the beginning. And it was awesome.

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Wow, this rambled a lot more than I expected. It's not the best episode of NewWho but damn, it's a good start.


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