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Only a few weeks after discovering the Avengers in MLP form, a Snowflake rec post (which I can't link to, thank you LJ ha!) has led me to the Avengers in dragon form. Loki!dragon made me laugh-snort so suddenly my mother was a bit alarmed.

I'd say life is awesome but I'd like my head to stop swooping first.

P.S. Also, my jaw hurts because when I was pulling up my bra strap earlier, I lost my grip and hit my jaw with my fist. Ow. My teeth snapped together quite impressively.

You wouldn't think it was a movement I made every day or anything like that ...
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I had an atrocious headache last night and I feel like I'm getting a cold today (but since cold and flu-like symptoms are part of CFS, it's hard to tell right away) but ponies make things better!

The Avengers as My Little Ponies sticker giveaway

Coulson's cutie mark is a taser!!!

If you reblog the post on tumblr you can win a set of Avengers MLP stickers and a full set of Doctor Who MLP stickers as well. There's even a Dalek pony and a Weeping Angel pony! Since I don't have a tumblr, I just bought a set of Avengers stickers from the Etsy store. Where you can find Sherlock and Watson ponies as well.

Awesome. *g*
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I just laughed myself into hiccups watching this.


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