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I cannot tell you how much I've been annoying myself weighing the various factors of standing, January hot weather, night time cool, solo or with friends and how much any one combination would be likely to cause a relapse. Plus finances. (I've missed out on a number of purchases this way. Sometimes I think I really need to go with impulse more, then I tell myself to be more adult and responsible. It's so boring.)

But while no friends were available to go along, I checked the tickets one more time today - and there were seats! Limited number and I snagged a really good one so I am feeling very pleased.

My bank account isn't but oh well.

Christmas shopping in town tomorrow and I plan to take plenty of time and sit down breaks. Not too much to get but there are a few places I want to browse as well. The weekend is going to be a stinker so I will be laying low and recovering if possible.

I haven't even thought about Christmas baking.

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Just learned that Adam Lambert will be performing here at the end of January. Currently debating if:

a) I can afford it financially right now (not really, but ...)

b) I could afford it physically in the middle of summer given current health and the fact that all the seats are sold out and I'd have to stand.

I wasn't that keen on his second album but this is his third. Seeing him on his first tour and with Queen were amazing experiences ...
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Going to see Adam Lambert with Queen!!!
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Just been notified that my copy of Glam Nation Live has been shipped! When I saw it was available through Amazon, I pre-ordered it from there instead of the official website since the Acoustic Live took so damn long to get here. Here's hoping Amazon is a little more efficient even with Standard shipping. I also ordered MCR's I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love and a couple of books I hadn't been able to find elsewhere.

It will still be a couple of weeks. *will not watch mailbox. really*

I try not to succumb to cute animal videos too often. You think, just one little video, that's all. Next thing you know it's two hours later ... but this is adorable. I thought our cat did some good stretches but he's got nothin' on this kitty! Those liddle paws! (I can't believe I typed that.) I showed the video to Mum who promptly melted and asked for the video to be sent on to two other cat-loving friends. The other danger of YouTube ...


Feb. 9th, 2011 11:50 pm
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There was writing today and a little bit of exercise ... and a three-hour nap which meant I slept too late to make dinner. Whoops.

I forgot to mention the one other excellent thing that happened yesterday. My copy of Adam Lambert Acoustic Live! FINALLY turned up. Seriously, I got notice that it had shipped on December 10. I emailed about a month ago to say, uh hey guys, where is the CD I bought and they're all huh, dunno. Check with your post office? Wait a bit longer? Well, I did wait and I was about to email again saying, hey I paid for a CD to be shipped to me, so where is it please?

Worth the wait though. I have listened to it quite a few times already.

Whataya Want From Me - I'd heard this in acoustic form several times but it is really, really gorgeous. I will happily listen to it over and over again.

Music Again - I find this version kind of odd but definitely fun. The weirdest part is the opening notes - I keep thinking I've managed to get playlists mixed up and I'm about to hear the Firefly theme. Every time!

Aftermath - This was a song I liked well enough on the album but it didn't grab me until I saw Adam in concert performing an acoustic version. So beautiful. I think I liked the performance I heard a little more but this is still wonderful.

Soaked - I can't remember this five minutes after I hear it but I enjoy listening to it nonetheless. 

Mad World - I never liked the original version of this song but when I heard Adam's version I suddenly thought, oh wow. And this briskly-paced version? Even better!

I'm really glad Adam released this mini-album. The one thing I didn't like so much about FYE was how busy it could get. Adam's voice does not need fireworks to back it up. Here, the focus really is on his voice and god, it's gorgeous.

Hi baby!

Feb. 2nd, 2011 11:51 pm
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I met Nephew #2 today. He does look just like his brother did! And so little ... okay, as babies go, not so little. But I was sitting there, holding him, and he was this warm, solid weight and he kicked his feet out of the blanket and his little toenails! I'd forgotten how amazing I found those. This new, real person, complete in every detail. Baby fingernails and toenails are so tiny!!!

Nephew #1 has met his brother. He was very excited at the prospect of a sibling and tried to put in an order for a brother. When told they wouldn't know if it was a girl or a boy until it was born, he took to calling the baby 'sisterbrother'. Awww. Upon meeting Nephew #2, he was rather dubious and not keen on touching him. He asked his parents to fix the baby's head first. Fair enough. As of today, the skull is looking fairly normal and Nephew #1 was delighted to pat and cuddle his brother. Good start!

SiL was perfectly polite to us, thanked us for the flowers, included us in conversation, kissed us goodbye and generally acted like there was no problem, had never been a problem. It's very strange. But she's never been rude to Mum's face, just refusing to answer her calls and making life difficult for brother as intermediary. Strange.

It's filthy, stinking hot and the little air conditioner has been making ominous noises. Temperatures remain hovering around 40C/104F, and the change isn't due until Monday. Four more days of this, oh fuck.

I don't share personal photos online so in honour of new baby, check out these fabulous pictures of Adam Lambert with his new godson instead. In second picture, it looks like he's having a staring match with baby and he's surprised to be losing. Adorable.

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That's right, I'm going to see ADAM LAMBERT IN CONCERT!!!

*bounces around in excitement*

And would you believe this is my first real concert? (There was a Big Day Out when I was fourteen, which included my first and only experience in a mosh pit *shudders* but I didn't give a damn about any of the artists so I don't count that.)

I haven't gone to concerts for a variety of reasons which can be summed up thus:

1) Few musicians that I'm interested in manage to make it as far as Australia.
2) Finances (or lack thereof)
3) Transport (or lack thereof)
4) Many years of varying degrees of light and sound sensitivity which made nightclubs my idea of a personal hell.

When I found out that Adam would be performing in Sydney, I thought, I wish I could go ... then I looked up the location and ticket price and discovered to my delight that I could afford the ticket (then, luckily) and the venue was near a train station. My light and noise sensitivity is much improved so I probably won't get a screaming headache during the performance. And while I will undoubtedly feel like living hell for several days afterwards, sometimes it's worth it. And it will be nice to feel like crap from doing something I enjoy instead of from just getting a cold or reacting to a change in the weather. Yes, I realise that sounds weird.

I am VERY EXCITED about this (if you hadn't guessed already) but I haven't mentioned it before for a few reasons ...

Well, when I found out about the concert, I knew I wanted to go and I figured I'd wind up going alone because I didn't think any of my friends were into Adam's music but I asked my friend Pip anyway. (She went with me to the ballet once and I thought this would be closer to her style.) She said yes and a girl from her work was also interested. Pip suggested she buy the three tickets on her credit card rather then the three of us buying individually. I called her the night before the tickets went on sale and she thought I was calling about that. It took a few minutes before I could say, yes that's great but that's not actually why I'm calling.

I was calling to tell her that my dad had died the day before and would she come with me to his funeral, please? She was a bit startled. And she bought the tickets on the Monday and came with me to the funeral on the Friday and it was kind of hard to be excited about going to see a concert. Even Adam Lambert.

But now it's two months later and the concert is tomorrow and I AM REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!!!

*bounces some more*
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I like to play music while I'm doing the washing-up. Current favourites: Katherine Jenkins' Believe and Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment.

I was amused to note this evening that I have apparently played the latter often enough that my mother is able to hum along with at least half the songs. And she thinks Adam's rather gorgeous, too. *g*

I love my mum.


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