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Went to the markets first thing this morning since it was going to be stinking hot. We had Christmas cards to hand out to our market friends - or rather we had Christmas cards from the greyhounds since everyone knows their names! I had some cards made up last year with this image and several people told me they still have it on display! This year I couldn't find a nice (affordable) greyhound card but the Santa photos turned out really well so I did a flat card on Vistaprint that turned out nicely. Naturally the hounds were gussied up in their antlers plus their new Christmas bandanas, and they had many cuddles and photos and smiles, plus one woman when we stopped at the shops afterwards, said 'You have just made my Christmas! They are beautiful!'

Bought some nectarines, ginger honey, fudge and a Balinese batik scarf for Flora. Just a couple more presents to get ...

We were home by 10:30 a.m. and the dogs and I passed out for the rest of the day. They had zero interest in an afternoon walk. A damp towel and a fan helped me sleep through the worst of the 40C heat. Yechh. It's 11:30p.m. and still 30C.

Still in 30s tomorrow but it should be fairly cool on Christmas Day, hallelujah!

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Are greyhounds a fandom? (They're a cult; we have t-shirts.) I feel like I've witnessed a fandom collision. J.K. Rowling has a rescue grey too ...

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I was supposed to volunteer at GR this afternoon but due to a mix-up and bad weather, it didn't happen - but I came home to very enthusiastic doggy cuddles. And half an hour later, 'How did I miss this much blood last night?! Wait, it's too fresh to be from last night ... bugger.'

I spent a good half hour wandering around the house with damp cloths, thinking surely I'd found it al-nope, here's another spot. And here's some that's dried to brown! Must be from last night.

Blood splatter all over the kitchen, various walls, floor, back door, Mum's desk, piles of books in the dining room, the cook books, books in the hall shelves and office shelves ... most of the blood came off, fortunately. Covers and spines were easily wiped, and even some of the glossy high quality page edges. Unfortunately, some of the paperbacks now have permanent blood streaks. Mum's copy of The Once and Future King got the worst with a big smear on the base. And my copies of The Hunger Games trilogy have a connected streak across the bases. But I was able to clean the blood drops off Mum's birthday cards!

And when Mum came home again, I grabbed Miss Shadow before her enthusiasm could decorate the house again. It is very difficult to bandage the very tip of a dog's tail. I've washed it and smeared some antiseptic cream on but all we can really do now is try to prevent her licking off the scab or knocking if off in her enthusiasm.

Mr Nosey has not had happy tail here and it seems an unlikely event (although he's always scratching up his feet and he's ripped his stopper pads off more than once.) He wags his tail in a discreet and subtle fashion. Miss Shadow, for all her reserve in public, has no subtlety at home. It's all YAAYYY!!! *thwack**thwack**thwack**thwackthwackthwackthwackthwack* Really, now I think about it I'm surprised this hasn't happened more often.

First play of the album this season!

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Mum came home from a birdwatchers' Christmas party tonight (she think she'll go back), was greeted with great joy by the dogs and I noted as I patted Miss Shadow that she'd somehow managed to get a bit wet over her rear half - but it was raining outside. A little while later, I happened to look at my hands and thought, 'Holy crap, was my nose bleeding?!' There were faint smears of dried blood on my hands. No, no, it wasn't me ...

Miss Shadow had happy tail!

Only a tiny bit of skin off the very tip of her tail but it resulted in very fine blood splatter all over the front hall, my dress, Mum's dress, Miss Shadow's rear half, the kitchen ... once we started looking, it seemed never-ending! And unlike The Boyo's nosebleeds which were spectacular but lowdown and fairly localised, Miss Shadow's happy helicopter tail saw blood hit the level of the light switches ... and higher ... above my head!

As we were cleaning it up, Mum suddenly laughed and wondered what a forensics crew would make of the splatter pattern.

The front door needed cleaning anyway, it turns out.
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Miss Shadow got up on the sofa again! She is curled up beside me as I type. Mr Nosey was ensconced on one sofa while I was wrapping presents on the floor earlier (Mum looked at the pile and said, 'You are very efficient at this.' Which may explain why I get asked to do it for almost every birthday and most Christmas presents, just like the Christmas lights.) Miss Shadow came in when I was finished and when I was settled on the other sofa, I noticed her glaring at me. She has a very expressive face. It seems she was waiting for an invitation to get up again (have you met a dog who does that?) I put a cotton throw down this time and it seems to make her feel more secure.

Roz came by earlier with her new dog (their elderly Staffy died earlier this year), reportedly a kelpie/greyhound cross. Well, he's clearly kelpie/something bigger but I couldn't see greyhound. *shrugs* He's gorgeous though and seems very sweet. Roz has asked if I'll come over soon and do some training with him - he's a bit too interested in the chickens right now but their cat has terrified him into submission although she hasn't realised it yet. Today she came into the room and the poor dog slunk away and tried to climb in Roz's husband's lap for protection.

Yesterday was a bit exhausting for me and the dogs but they had a great many cuddles and their photos taken at least a dozen times. We went to one of our regular markets with the hounds in their antlers - and we brought the cool coats with us this time. They were needed although the weather was weirdly changeable and we had to take them off at one because of a sharp wind.

The little Fuji apples are sadly finished (we were buying five kilos a fortnight at one point) but we got the last box of the really good navel oranges, and the first kilos of plums and cherries. Plus corn, cavolo nero, capsicum, chickens, eggs and sausages, plus dried kangaroo tails and lamb bones for the hounds. Mum did some shopping I didn't need to know about, hem, and it took us two hours. If we were just shopping it would be half an hour. But with visiting all the favorite stall holders and stopping for everyone who wants to pat the dogs it takes a while.

Then we went to visit Mum's friend Ivy at her shoe shop so I could thank her in person for the lovely scarf she gave me for my birthday but hadn't opened by the time she left our party. She took photos of the dogs as well as did a customer and we all chatted. Mum may have made a new friend and joined a book club. The other customer was wearing a glorious blue skirt with peacock feather patterns from a shop two doors down and we stopped in there as well. I tried on the skirt and it was gorgeous and comfortable but even the Xsmall was a bit too big (yes, I've lost weight but I swear sizes have gone up. I am not skinny!) While in there a customer from the hairdresser upstairs and across the plaza came down and asked if I'd bring the dogs up because all the girls wanted to meet them! Good thing I keep up their stair practice. Again they had their photos taken but we only stayed a few minutes. They clearly weren't keen on the chemical smells. Then it was home and bed for three of us while Mum was still bright-eyed and energetic.

I try not to assume people are interested in my dogs (even though they are splendid dogs!) but then days like yesterday happen.

I was lying on the floor earlier and Mr Nosey had his head on my chest while Miss Shadow had her head against my knee and one paw in my hand.

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She seems better now but poor Miss Shadow was acting listless and lethargic today* and we think she was still dehydrated from yesterday. It was hot and humid today and Mr Nosey didn't seem too lively either. Although when Miss Shadow decided against her lunchtime chicken frame, Mum had to chase him around the central flower bed several times before getting him to drop it. Poor boy, he thought his luck was in.

*Mum and I had a discussion on nuances - I consider those words to have different meaning, listless more mental, lethargic more physical and it seems the dictionary and Mum agree but I wonder how many people use them interchangeably?

Santa Paws!

Dec. 6th, 2015 11:47 pm
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Here's a happy thing. We took the dogs out in their reindeer antlers today. Now we always get people wanting to pat them and talk to them and ask about greyhounds which is one of the reasons we take them to markets, etc. But add the antlers and it seemed like every second person at least was grinning at them as they walked past. We heard "Oh look at the cute dogs!" "Look at the reindeer dogs!" so many times and they had their photo taken about ten times.

It was nice seeing people smile.

We took the hounds to a nearby market we've only visited once or twice but it got too hot too quickly to linger and we hadn't brought their cool coats. They had some excellent cuddles with various people in shaded areas, took alarm at the extraordinary noises made by some sheep (they know alpacas but I don't think they've met sheep before) and we toured the various stalls but didn't find any potential gifts. Then it was really too hot so we went back to the car and gave the dogs some water - they rarely drink from public water sources, those are contaminated by other dogs, thank you very much. They like fresh water, poured into their own bowl and held for them. It's possible they're a bit fastidious. Or spoiled.

The we went off to a nearby shopping district - which turned out to be having a market as well but it was still too hot to take the dogs around much. But we had an appointment to have their photo taken with Santa at the RSPCA for the third year in a row. And when the Santa saw them, she was delighted. "You've brought them back again! I love these guys!" And we have some lovely photos, individual and double, Miss Shadow grinning away and Mr Nosey looking a bit worried at first, then succumbing to cuddles. (We tried to persuade him to get up on the 'seat' and he didn't like that at all. Won't do that next year!) We also met a bouncy, stocky Dalmatian, a French bulldog and a French bulldog/pug who were all lovely and wanted to play.

Home again to pass out (except for Mum) and tonight Kitt and Rena dropped by for an hour to pick up some DVDs they were going to borrow. We wound up talking about various aggravations of modern life/life in general and I said, You realise we're turning into cranky old ladies in our thirties?

Anyway. Despite the heat and the people (mostly relatives) who think we're bonkers for having Santa Paws photos taken, it was a good day. A lot of people smiled.

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Had friends over today - we've been doing catch-ups more often this year which is great. Pip is often frantically busy but comes when she can and the four of us sit and talk and drink tea and sometimes I bake things or we just have fruit and we might watch movies or talk and talk for hours.

So today we had tea and strawberries and birthday cake and Rena gave me this beautiful tea cup for my birthday and Kitt brought me a book on the history of female sailors which looks fascinating. And we finally gave her her wedding present. Kept forgetting, whoops.

Oh and an achievement which must be recorded - Miss Shadow got up on the sofa of her own volition. Yes, the hounds are allowed on the sofas now (it's Mum's fault.) Mr Nosey is right up there with his head on a cushion at every opportunity but Miss Shadow tried a few times, was deeply dubious and gave up. She loves the futon in my study but I think the sofa is too squishy and slippery and she finds the footing too uncertain.

But today, I managed to get her up beside me twice. As soon as I stood up though, she was off as well. But later Mum and I looked in and not only was Mr Nosey sprawled over one sofa (of course) but Miss Shadow was on the other. Still looking dubious about it though.

I never thought I'd be encouraging a dog to get on the sofa. And since when does a greyhound need active encouragement to take over the sofa anyway?

(Kitt called us dog nerds today. Well yes, but her husband just got a tattoo of a cat so they can't talk.)

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I left the house today for the first time in two and half weeks - excepting the two visits to the doctor for the cold-turned-bacterial infection, plus raging allergic reaction to the first lot of antibiotics. Fun! Mum's knee has been doing better so she was able to walk the dogs sometimes - when it wasn't raining. Poor hounds, they did get a bit bored. But we went to the market today, mostly buying things that don't require much cooking since I'm still wiped out. The hounds had many cuddles, both from new people and regular admirers. Then we stopped at a pet supply store on the way home and along with necessities, we bought two new squeaky toys - a fluffy pink and brown ... apatosaurus? for Miss Shadow and a glossy blue and orange triceratops for Mr Nosey. There were many happy squeakings this afternoon.

Books of May

Underline: Greatly enjoyed; highly recommend.
Strikethrough: Did not like; do not recommend.

The Tyranny of Distance: How Distance Shaped Australia's History by Geoffrey Blainey

Australian Children Through 200 Years by Suzane Fabian

Australian Transport Through Two Hundred Years by Brian Carroll

The Bounty: The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty by Caroline Alexander

In the Heart of the Sea: The Epic True Story That Inspired Moby-Dick by Nathaniel Philbrick

Hen Frigates: Wives Of Merchant Captains Under Sail by Joan Druett

Bite Me (Pride, #9) by Shelly Laurenston


Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson, #5) by Patricia Briggs

A Bite to Remember (Argeneau, #5) by Lynsay Sands

Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega rereads

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, #1)
Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson, #2)
Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson, #3)
Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson, #4)
Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega, #1)
Hunting Ground (Alpha & Omega, #2)
Fair Game (Alpha & Omega, #3)
Alpha & Omega
short stories in On the Prowl and Strange Brew
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I continue to feel like hell and decided not to go at Nephew #2's birthday party on Saturday due to a vicious headache (I would have been willing to put in a brief appearance but Mum wanted to stay longer, so she went by herself.) It's supposed to cool down somewhat tomorrow which I'm looking forward to! But however lousy I may feel on Thursday, I am determined to make into the city for a couple of hours to attend an anti-greyhound racing rally, Gone Are The Dogs.

When I adopted Miss Shadow I was ambivalent about greyhound racing; I didn't know much about it. Obviously there were some lousy owners who dumped their dogs but given all the dogs of other breeds that wind up in pounds, those owners were hardly unique. Now that I know more about the 'sport', the racing industry in NSW and Australia and worldwide, and the ghastly abuse of so many of these gentle, trusting dogs, I am adamantly anti-racing.

Some information from Gone Are the Dogs:

•Over the last 10 years there have been approximately 90 000 greyhounds born in NSW. In 2013 there were only 2550 greyhounds registered as companion animals. Approximately 6100 were registered as racing greyhounds. This means that over 80 000 greyhounds are GONE.

These figures DO NOT include litters disposed of from accidental matings or puppies unsuitable for racing. These numbers are simply unknown. Greyhounds are usually disposed of because they won’t chase, they are too slow or as a result of injuries.

•Greyhound Freedom collect death and injury statistics from Australian tracks and have compiled the information below. Keep in mind GRNSW only have stewards reports available from 14 of the 34 tracks and GRNSW have stopped reporting deaths on the tracks. WA do not record deaths and SA do not record injury types. This means the number of deaths and injuries is considerable higher.

From Jan 2012 - Sept 2013 :
•321 greyhounds died at the track as a result of injuries from racing.
•An additional 532 greyhounds suffered broken bones at a track from racing. Most of these will have been put to sleep at the track or days later.
•The number one injury that resulted in the death of a greyhound from racing is a broken hock. Greyhounds also die from heart attacks, spinal injuries, head traumas, pulmonary oedemas and reasons ‘unknown’.
•There were 32 073 injury events.

A recent article from the Sydney Morning Herald : Large numbers of dead greyhounds are being donated for veterinary teaching - a practice that reveals many healthy ex-racing dogs are put down because they suffer from ''slow runners or non-chasers disease''.

Read more:

More information from Gone Are the Dogs Facebook page

Greyhound Action Australasia

Saving Wilma - slow, broken, old, Greyhound Racing's dirty little secrets talks about the recovery of a traumatised New Zealand greyhound with information on NZ and Australian action. At the moment her owner is also taking about galgos (Spanish Greyhounds) for World Galgo Day (which was February 1). Be warned there are so some very distressing images on the galgo website and on Wilma's page right now. (The worst - BE WARNED - is the photo of two hanged galgos and the sadistic fuckhead owners grinning at the camera, giving a thumbs-up.) The plight of the galgos is horrific and there is very little animal welfare culture in Spain to help them. Dumped and abused galgos are more likely to be seen as vermin than as animals in need of help. GRIN (Galgo Rescue International Network) has some shocking photos and articles but also some happy rescues to share.

We may not hang greyhounds to death here but they're legally killed by bolt gun in the UK, shot, dumped, have their ears cut off to prevent tattoo ID, turn up at the pound with every rib showing, drugged to win then left to deal with withdrawal ...

Miss Shadow and Mr Nosey got lucky. Miss Shadow never even made it to the track but was surrendered for adoption along with one of her brothers. We looked up her litter - out of eight pups only three made it to the track at all. One of them only raced once, I believe. Mr Nosey raced ten times with three thirds, no wins and got out with no apparent injuries before his fourth birthday. His sire has fathered hundreds of litters. These two are very much in the minority. I'm so glad they're here - but where are all the rest?

To sign up for the rally -
To sing a pledge of support -
To donate -
To change you Facebook or Twitter profile to advertise the rally -

Hmmm ...

Jan. 18th, 2014 02:25 am
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Our old dogs played with champagne corks. Fresh corks only, thank you.

Our current dogs now have matching wine cartons to serve as dinner tables.

I can't even drink.
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It's kind of sad that I am so excited about the temperature dropping to 26C tomorrow (please!) but it's been over 30C all week and it gets very wearing. And the dogs get bored. They've had a couple of late evening walks but that's not much.

They didn't get a proper walk today but they did get an outing and exercise. We took them to get their nails trimmed at a local pet supply store that also has grooming services. Yes, I could do it myself but I gave up because I was afraid I was making Miss Shadow nervous about it through my nervousness! 1) Her nails are black so it would be easy to overclip. 2) My hands aren't that strong and I wasn't very sure in the clip. 3) Years of witnessing Lady Muck's nailclipping phobia and the results.

(She had high-set, very, very tough toenails which did not wear down and absolutely needed regular trimming. She HATED having her feet handled, by anyone. Eventually she required full sedation for said trimming because the vet was afraid she'd thrash herself into a heart attack.)

$10 per dog for the professional groomer to do it? Yes, please! Miss Shadow was nervous the first time because there was another dog there (just been groomed) who was barking, but she behaved well. This time, they were both a bit nervous until they realised it was just a nailtrim and then they were fine and happy to accept cuddles from the groomer.

Then it was home to a slightly cooler garden and bathtime for dogs. They both wore expressions that said they were Resigned To Their Fate but that didn't stop them from shaking as soon as they were rinsed off!

Mr Nosey excelled himself in zoomies, rolls, rubs, scratches, scritches and general exuberance (Miss Shadow mostly sulked at us) afterwards including his specialty 'booty shake.' I've never seen a dog shake in sections before but he tends to shake his front half, then his rear half and often adds an extra butt and tail wiggle as well, the aforementioned booty shake. He hasn't been doing it as much the last couple of weeks but the first time we gave him a bath, the shake was so prolonged we just cracked up. And he was in fine form this time too!

Say hello!

Dec. 11th, 2013 12:21 am
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Have you heard the stories that the Tasmanian Tiger might not be extinct?

 photo 2f0cbf9d-177c-4834-9098-e7dae185656e_zps23ef8748.jpg

New Dog Found! )
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First trial of the spiralizer was successful! BLT zucchini noodles (I didn't roast the tomatoes, just chopped them and cooked them for a bit with the garlic.)

We put up the Christmas tree tonight. Or rather, Mum brought the various components up from the garage, then watched me figure out the new tree lights and decorate the tree, with occasional advice. (I remember when I was way too small to do any of these things! So weird.) We played the new Christmas CD I'd bought for this - Katherine Jenkins' This Is Christmas. Highly enjoyable.

Almost to the end of the Finding A New Dog Quest! )

It's not quite official yet but it's looking that way. We've got a new dog. And tomorrow I will tell you more about him and post some photos. Because he is really very cute!

And on ...

Dec. 4th, 2013 11:04 pm
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My birthday yesterday! Quiet day, since friends are working/away and Mum and I decided to go out to dinner tomorrow when it's cooler.

But it was a good day. We had some nice Thai food last night and I made this Strawberry, Orange and Chocolate Cake which is very nice but very solid. I only made a half-quantity of the ganache and that was plenty - I didn't even use all of it. I think it could have more strawberries, too. They're really good. Mum spoiled me greatly with presents - two books (Murder on the Homefront by Molly Lefebure, which I'm reading now and A Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin), two CDs (Native by OneRepublic and Sweeter by Gavin DeGraw), Iron Man 3 on DVD, a very pretty pair of dangly gold earrings, some manicure scissors and ... a spiralizer! Curly fries and zucchini noodles, here we come!

Finding a New Dog Quest )

And our new boy was sweet and calm and placid ... and after a couple of day we were wondering if we'd made the wrong choice.
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When we arrived at the Pet Festival, we soon encountered someone we'd heard about but not met - a neighbour of one of Mum's aquarobics classmates. This woman, C, and her husband, N, started fostering greyhounds for GR with their whippet and cat earlier this year and when Mum's classmate told her about their first grey, we immediately looked her up - and when told about us, they tried to look up Miss Shadow but she never made it online.

So it was quite funny to meet her in person, with her gorgeous little whippet and latest foster (possible forever!) hound. Since we were looking for a cat-friendly hound, she was the perfect person to talk to about who was a possibility from GR. We encountered a couple of other greys and their people as well - greyhounds love other sighthounds. We headed over to the GR stall after awhile and C called her husband to tell him to head over with their temporary foster, a gentle light brindle boy who would be a possible match. We met up with the head of GR, Peter, the one I'd been emailing with (we'd met at a couple of trivia nights previously) and discussed meeting C and N at the overflow kennels the next day where there were several cat-friendlies and a couple more to be tested. There was one other at the stall, a huge black boy, Bob but he was probably 38-40kg and that was just a bit much as far as Mum was concerned. As much as I like big dogs, even I found him a bit big!

We also had cuddles with several other greys at the stall, including a blue brindle boy who had lost a large part of his tail to 'happy tail' - wagging his tail and smacking it against hard surfaces, causing bleeding that is very hard to stop!

They had a blue shell pool as well, so the dogs could stand in it and cool off and we managed to coax Miss Shadow to dip her feet in. We've since bought one ourselves and she's tried 'digging' in the water on a couple of hot days. It looks hilarious.

Eventually we moved on, since the festival was about to finish and we found the GAP stall - and Miss Shadow was so happy to see L, the coordinator, bouncing up, putting her front paws on the counter, generally looking delighted. We were all quite surprised since she hadn't seen L since we took her to Winterfest back in ... June? GAP had a stall. And Miss Shadow hadn't been in their system very long either. But it was very sweet.

We talked to L about a new grey as well and she said they did have one male they thought would test cat-friendly - but he was mostly white and after years with dalmatians, we have decided against further white dog hair!

On our way out, we stopped at the AWDRI stall (I check their FB regularly for cuteness) and thank goodness they didn't have any blue heelers there (tears!) but we did get to cuddle with Pudding, the red heeler puppy from HQ and a little chocolate kelpie puppy who'd had a terrible start in life but was obviously being very well cared for now.

And then we were heading out, with Miss Shadow trotting along happily, sniffing at everything and seeming just fine, with prospect of getting another dog suddenly just a day away ...
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So we said goodbye to our beloved Boyo. We suspected that Miss Shadow wouldn't take to being an only dog (we'd already discussed this) and thought that we'd start looking for a new friend for her in a month or two. Then Miss Shadow started wandering around the house, seemingly looking for the Boyo, forgetting her toilet training and eventually began refusing food and throwing up, even water.

This led to a visit to the vet, a diagnosis of irritated bowel (due to stress from the pining), likely infection and the need for her to stay at least overnight on a drip. So we had to load her into a cage and she stayed standing, pressing her forehead against the bars as we left. *whimpers*

Ten days after the Boyo died, we had NO dogs in the house. It was horrid. And it all brought back memories of when my childhood dalmatian (the one before Lady Muck) died. She suddenly fell ill one day, we took her to the vet, they weren't sure what was wrong but wanted to keep her overnight for observation. The next morning, they called to tell us she'd died during the night. (An autopsy showed ruptured duodenal ulcers. There was nothing anyone could have done.) I still remember her looking back at us as the vet led her away. It never occurred to me that I wouldn't see her again.

But Miss Shadow did come home. After FOUR DAYS. We dropped off a couple of her fluffy toys on the second day and the vets called us or we called them morning and evening for updates but it was all rather stressful and unpleasant. But when we went to pick her up, the nurse saw us driving in and went to get her so we came in to see a very happy greyhound being led out. She was skinny (her poor skinny neck!)but SO HAPPY to see us! What a waggly tail!

(The cat looked disgusted when she came home. He thought he'd finally got rid of all them damn dogs.)

After all that we thought we'd better find Miss Shadow a new friend sooner rather than later. Since GAP didn't have any cat-friendly greys just then, I got in touch with Greyhound Rescue, to get the ball rolling. There was also going to be a Pet Festival nearby with stalls from various rescue groups and supply stores, so we headed out on the Sunday with Miss Shadow all bouncy and happy and apart from being a bit thin and having a bandage on one front leg (because she kept trying lick her original IV site raw; she chewed the first one out after the third day), you wouldn't guess she been at the vet until the Wednesday!

To be continued ...
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One of the most important things I meant to post about - it was about six weeks ago now, on the 16th October, that the Boyo died. He made it to thirteen years old and he was happy. He was skinny and his breathing was dreadful at night and my god, the amount of snot he produced - but he still loved his food and his walks and pouncing on the squeaky ball. Friends of mine came over on the Saturday and he had lots of pats and cuddles and he even played fetch with one of them rather than just having the ball tossed for him to catch. But he just kept getting weaker and his symptoms got worse.

The vet came to us )


Jun. 12th, 2013 11:52 pm
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I have realised that I haven't posted in over two months ... this was not on purpose. How are people? The last two and half months, briefly:

Horrendous post-exertion fatigue from Melbourne for a couple of weeks, started to recover, caught a vicious cold which knocked me out for another fortnight or so, then wretched PMS and period, started to improve, hit with first full-blown migraine of the year, more headaches, disrupted sleep cycle, brain fog, generally feeling like crap. But I think I'm starting to feel better overall.

Life has not been hugely exciting, apart from walking the dogs, going to the farmer's markets (with dogs) and various doctor's appointments (not with dogs.) I did go to see a performance of Hamlet (good performance but hard to enjoy since the migraine started during the play), saw another Opera Live in HD (Giulio Cesare, awesome, except for the post-movie headache) and went to SinpOzium (fucking awesome, except for eating something which disagreed with me, resulting in middle of the night vomiting and an uneasy stomach for two days.)

I currently have no computer and am sharing Mum's and our internet connection is being sporadically dodgy for no apparent reason. It feels like the computer is playing mind games with us.

Miss Shadow is fine and lovely and adorable and she just passed her Greenhounds assessment so as soon as her new green collar and tag arrive, she can go muzzle-free in public!

The Boyo ... is not so well. Didn't we just go through this with Lady Muck? Our last cattle dog lived to SEVENTEEN. The Boyo is only twelve and a half. It might be weeks or it might be days and I hate watching him and wondering if it's time yet. But he's been so happy and enjoying life so much since we adopted Miss Shadow and I'm so very glad for that.

State of me

Apr. 7th, 2013 01:41 am
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Ow, fuck, everything hurts.

Melbourne was amazing but my body is exacting revenge in no uncertain terms. Swollen lymph nodes, sore muscles, aching joints, my bones hurt. My brain is gone. I hope it doesn't seem like I'm ignoring anyone but I have so very little energy right now (and EVERYTHING HURTS, ow, fuck) and that energy is going into looking after the greyhound - now to be known here as Miss Shadow and things are going pretty well with her at least! Except that we have learned that her boredom threshold on rainy days in pretty low. We have learned this at the expense of several plastic folders, the corner of a nice cane chair (we were out for that one), the corner of a old wooden bookcase and her collar. While she was wearing it.

See the face of innocence? )


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