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I went out today! Nothing very exciting - we went to a shopping centre we only go to occasionally so we could check out the closing-down sale at the Borders there. *whistles innocently* Book sale? Did you say sale? Hee.

At JB Hi-Fi, I finally found Leverage S2!!!

I was also searching for a particular cosmetic for mum for Mother's Day but I couldn't find it. I'll have to make some calls tomorrow.

I wore my heart-rate monitor, checking it whenever I remembered and had several uh-oh, better slow down moments. And I took ramps and escalators in preference to stairs and tried not to feel lazy. Had two 'sit-down and eat' breaks ... I feel tired, yeah, but I know that remembering to hold back kept me from feeling worse.

Also today we stopped by a pet store to get a new winter coat for the dalmatian (she has very thin fur and gets cold easily.) Her old coat started to smell and with the current weather, we could wash it but it wouldn't get dry and we didn't think mold would improve matters.

The old coat was a subdued burgundy.

This is the new coat.

We think the hot pink with abstract swirls looks quite striking against her black and white fur. *g* It doesn't look quite as good against the kilim in Mum's office though. *amused*

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This would have zero relevance to my life except for this photo which made my mother laugh so much, she asked if there was a way to make it her desktop.

There is now a cross-eyed cat staring at squirrels the world from mum's computer screen.

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Doctor's visit tomorrow and I need to stock up on a bunch of medications - the expensive medications - but I really hope we can get the dalmatian to the vet next week. Her toenails are getting kind of scary. (This dog is so neurotic about having her feet held, she has to be sedated to have her toenails cut.)

And the Christmas decorations are about to come down *she says sadly* It's crazy every year, one way or another, but I really like Christmas.

I'm tired. I blame headaches and resultant insomnia. These things suck.

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I feel like there's a word, but I can't quite think of it, for someone who interrupts others during sex. Other than cockblocker.

If there is a specific word for a dog who interrupts pigeons during sex, I would be fascinated to hear it.

To explain:

Mum was sitting out on the back porch, watching the various birds flutter around. (we get a lot of birds. There are brawls on a regular basis.)I sat with her for awhile and we watched some pigeon courtship with amusement. Big Guy Pigeon was all fluffed up and looking Very Important. Fluttering Female was fluttering but pursuit was interrupted by the arrival of Another Male and it was back to Square One.

I went back inside for tea only to be followed by Mum soon after - and she brought the dogs in with her and shut the door. Why?

Big Guy Pigeon had succeeded in captivating the Fluttering Female. Copulation was occurring with Big Guy Pigeon uttering silly ooh ooh ooh noises with the effort.

The Boyo (our blue heeler) was so fascinated by these strange noises that he bounded over to investigate. Whoops! Coitus interruptus for the pigeons! (I think I might have laughed myself sick if I'd seen that.)

Mum was cracking up but she felt a bit sorry for the pigeons so she brought the dogs inside so the pigeons could try for third time lucky.

If there is is a word for pigeon sex enabler ... yeah, I don't think I need to know that.


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